147-meter design concept Hermidas Atabeyky

This was a design concept that has not yet been built. “We continue our work on installation, the parts and the connections technical. Not on decoration: because it is in fine the customer who chooses it. “With some 10.000 livable m2, this type of boat of luxury must be able to offer to its owner a life different from that which it could have in his palate for example. Essence was thus above all to define what one wanted inside. On the current yachts, the center constitutes the heart of space, with before and the back. I wanted to reverse this design so as to offer to the owner and to those which it invites on his board an intimacy open on outside”. From where the presence of multiple private spaces. The such garden raised and Jacuzzi of 2m50 on the bridge before covered with teak, in the prolongation of the continuation of the owner. On board, only one key word: intimacy. Each continuation is equipped with a balcony or a oriel. Inter alia installations, a loggia is stretched over all the width of the boat connecting the principal living room to the dining room. To the back, an entirely round part lit by picture windows offers a panoramic sight to 270°. In addition to a garage for cars, the holds contain five boats from 8 to 18 meters to make it possible to the guests to be occupied with their occupations in all independence. The platform before heliport is removable and can accommodate on board to three helicopters. Thanks to the submarine (eight places), one can enter and leave without being considering in full safety and/or making underwater explorations. The cinema can join together to 120 spectators. The highest bridge is equipped with a swimming pool of 16 meters whose glazed bottom clarifies in diving the first level of the yacht.


  1. This was one of the first animated concept presentations. It is said that this is what brought Roman Abromovich to Blohm+Voss, where he built ECLIPSE.


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