40-knot hybrid yacht tender carries 8-passenger, riding on foils.

42-ft FOILER Yacht Tender

The Foiler from Enata Marine is an impressively styled blend of hybrid diesel-electric propulsion with a retractable hydrofoil system that, quite literally, elevates the luxury yacht. In hydrofoil mode the yacht can purportedly cruise comfortably through waves up to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) high while maintaining stability for passengers who don't want to spill their champagne. These images suggest a certain type of target market The retractable hydrofoils promise stability in waves up to 1.5 meters high The Foiler can reach up to 40 kts in flight mode The foils are fully retractable Hydrofoil technology has been around for years, but it is only recently that we have started to see it infiltrate the private high-end powerboat market. The impressive stability of hydrofoiling, in combination with advances in electric engine technology, is leading to some truly exceptional personal watercraft designs


  1. The prototype was at the Dubai Show. Very cool. It is notewarthy that it gets up and goes with 8 persons onboard, unlike other designs that can't really carry weight. It also is designed to fit into a mega-yacht garage. Looking forward to seeing some of these in use.


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